Abraham Defeated Kings of Tuttul Shinar Larsa & Elam Rescued Lot at Laish Chased Them Back to Upper Mesopotamia


After the army of the Canaanite “five cities of the plain” circa 2000 b. c. was defeated at the southern end of the what today is called the Dead Sea by the armies of the Mesopotamian kings Amraphel (of Shinar or Sinjar), Tidal (Tuttul named for him now called Raqqa at the juncture of the Balikh river and the upper Euphrates), Arioch (of Ellasar or Larsa of Sumer), and Chedorlaomer of Elam (east of Sumer), they took captives among whom was Abraham’s nephew Lot, so intercepted by Abraham at Laish/Dan (at the headwater of the Jordan River) during that Mesopotamian army’s return to their homelands.