Did you know that so-called species of animals are sometimes inter-fertile up to the Family level on the darwinists’ phylogenetic tree, and that “species” are infer-fertile up to the Genus level almost always so that in reality only about twenty thousand syngameons (biblical kinds) of creatures need have been saved on Noah’s Ark? The so-called races of humanity are of one of the syngameons, the human one, the “races” descended from the eight persons on Noah’s Ark so that also the use of the term race by the darwinists is deceptive because its Arabic meaning (of the word ras) is one fountainhead not many.

Noah’s Flood is difficult for people to imagine, wondering how the floodwater could have covered the high mountain ranges, but they arose at the close of the Flood, ending months of rapid plate tectonic movement as the pre flood supercontinent Pangea had broken apart for the continental tectonic plates to move to their current configurations (still moving but slowly). When Pangea broke apart and spread during Noah’s Flood, new ocean basins formed between the parting continents, the floors of the new basins composed of magma extruded through rift zones (the “fountains of the deep”).

So when the new oceanic floors of magma cooled at the close of Noah’s Flood, the magma gained density, solidified to rock, thereby the water of Noah’s Flood slid off the continents into the new ocean basins deepened, sunk down onto the plastic-flow mantle below such that some was forced over-under the continents to help in their uplift at the close of the Flood. Billions of creatures were entombed in the flood sediments then turned to rock, the fossil record thereby comporting beautifully with the biblical scenario while not-at-all with the uniformitarian/darwinian scheme, to the chagrin of the biblephobes.

Bearing all-this-out “shockingly” are soft organic tissues discovered within dinosaur bones dug from sedimentary deposits, proving that those animals were entombed only thousands not millions of years ago, which is obviously a very inconvenient truth for the darwinists along with the fact that carbon 14 radioisotopes indicating ages in the thousands of years are found in not only fossils but also in coal, oil, and diamonds, clearly game-changers if these matters would ever be entertained by the biblephobic mainstream scientists currently mum on the subject out of career fear and simple shock.

The forty-days-and-nights of rain noted in Genesis 7: 12 at the beginning of Noah’s Flood were by the fountains of the deep gushing steam from the effusing magma through the rift zones, the steam vented which rose to form clouds then rain, forty days of it until the floodwater had risen to baffle the steam shot into the air, yet the floodwaters continued to rise by the fountains of the deep until the pre flood mountains (not nearly as high as today’s) were covered and scoured down, then several months later the new mountains arose from the floodwaters begun to recede into the new and deepening ocean basins, this all food-for-thought to those open to questioning uniformitarian dogma.