The Right Sway

Where in the Bible does real generational history begin to be accurately reported if not at the beginning of holy writ, and therefore, why believe any of the Bible if not the history in the foundational book of Genesis? This is the dilemma facing professing Christians, whether to combat the actually vacuous harangues from mainstream academia by discovering the information to defend Genesis and thereby all the Word (the road we have chosen here at The Right Sway), or to just sheepishly grin with a shrug.

Young earth creationism by the Word of Elohim solves the mysteries for instance of Plato’s Atlantis, the geometry of the Great Pyramid, and how the ancients measured to navigate the earth by its measure (geometry), even during the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood when the ocean was much warmer. Because these answered questions are by the events and chronology of the Bible, they are not treated answers to be considered by mainstream academics, yet you will see that the biblical model explains much about the ancient world as well as insights on current events prophetically of great interest.

Join us here at The Right Sway for commentary on the news and the latest research confirming the biblical model’s comportment with the evidence from the natural sciences and archaeology when the data is properly contextualized, referring also to the GENESIS VERACITY FOUNDATION (dot com). Please show both sites to your friends, family, and other associates, to assist in viewing the world according to the Bible which is demonstrably real history with prophecies being fulfilled in these amazing days.