The FarFarers Before the Norse by Farley Mowat a Whimsical Tale of Real History of Overturned Boats for Houses


Scattered across northeastern Canada, mostly in the Ungava Bay region off the Hudson Strait, are stone wall enclosures, only a few feet high, shaped like boats in plan view, because boats were overturned and laid upon those stone bases for housing, built by whom Farley Mowat the author of The FarFarers Before the Norse calls the Albans (of Britain). Along the coastal Arctic of Canada are few evidences of ancient settlements (only such as the overturned boat sites) compared to much evidence of human occupation along Russia’s Arctic coast and even inland in eastern Siberia, because during the Ice Age which lasted only about nine hundred years, there was plenty along Arctic ocean coastal Russia, the FarFarers only having begun sailing over to Ungava Bay after the Ice Age, perhaps well after it, when walruses (for their ivory) were much harder to find.