Phrygia East of Troy Where Thracians Came as the Bryggens or Highlanders of Later Galatia the Celts or Gauls


Herodotus wrote that the Phrygians of west-central Anatolia (Turkey) had anciently come from the Balkans where they were known as Bryggens (meaning highlanders like on a brig or berg), within the territory of Thrace, which was named for Tiras a son of Japheth, and those Thracians came across the Hellespont to western Anatolia when the Ice Age had ended, where the thracian king Migdon fought the Amazons (newly come from Lake Tritonis of Tunisia), when too lived Dardanus and his son Erichthonios (whom Plato wrote lived in the timeframe that Atlantis and much of Greece were consumed by the sea), the founders of the kingdom of Troas/Troy.