Goofy John Kasich Says America Must Have Uniting Faith That Trump Elected President Because of Spiritual Decline


Saying the people of the U. S. should be united in faith in order to be governable, loser John Kasich opines that president Trump won the election, backed heavily by protestant evangelicals, because the U. S. is in spiritual decline, so what faith does Kasich think the people of the U. S. should be united under? Undoubtedly he means his Catholicism, whose leader the Pope sees Allah of the Quran and Elohim of the Bible the same, that organization rife with child abuse, and Kasich’s own state Ohio riddled with child trafficking problems, for instance the raid and closing by the FBI of the European Adoption Consultants in Strongsville, “pedogate” a great concern to president Trump, not to Kasich.