Biblical Names in Genesis 10 the Table of Nations Nicely Track Ancient Kingdoms Established During Ice Age Worldwide


If the history in the book of Genesis is not true, instead that the various people groups were speaking their own languages long before the biblical timeline indicates (after the Tower of Babel circa 2200 b. c.), then why were the ancient nations (during the Ice Age) of Asshur, the Amorites, Canaan, China (Sin), Elam, Kush, Khem (Ham) or Misr (Misraim), Iberia (Heber), Pelasgia (Peleg), Thrace (Tiras), Tocharistan (Togarmah), Tarshish, Cimmeria (Gomer), Hellenes (Elisha), Ionia (Ion/Javan), Qatani (Joktan), and Ophir all named for those men listed in Genesis 10 the Table of Nations?