Mysterious Land of Yam Gilf Kebir Plateau Sahara Where Elephants & Cattle Roamed During Old Kingdom Egyptian Days


Gilf Kebir, a plateau the size of Switzerland in far southwestern Egypt which rises a thousand feet above the surrounding desert floor, is the location of the “Cave of the Swimmers” and the “Cave of the Beasts” where the rock art shows people swimming, elephants, ostriches, and giraffes, about 500 miles west of Elephantine on the Nile from where pharaoh Harhuf and others traveled to Land of Yam, that distance west of the Nile the same where Egyptian explorer/archaeologist Mahmoud Marai discovered Egyptian hieroglyphs declaring it the Kingdom of Yam, thought impossible by the uniformitarians because they don’t believe the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b. c. (about nine hundred years after Noah’s Flood).