Khabur Tributary of Euphrates Named for Heber the Hurrians Progeny of Arphaxad Too in Kura-Araxas Valleys to North


The Hurrians who during the Ice Age established towns such as Nagar (Tell Brak) and Shekhna (Tell Leilan) on the upper Khabur River were named for Arphaxad (Aripphura), a son of Shem, and the Khabur (Habur) River was named for Heber, a grandson of Arphaxad, Heber namesake too of Iberia in the Caucasus from where flow to the east into the Caspian Sea the Kura River (named for Arphaxad) and the Araxes River (from the Hebrew word rosh for fountainhead, Araxas meaning fast flowing).