Four Rivers of One Fountainhead in Pre-Flood World Pishon & Gihon No Name Change Hiddekel & Phirat New Tags


The Hebrew Bible in the book of Genesis names the four rivers which flowed from the fountainhead in the Garden of Eden, the rivers Gihon, Pishon, Hiddekel, and Phirat, no mention of Tigris nor Euphrates which were names given to two rivers after Noah’s Flood, the name Tigris an Indo European (japthetic) word for swift or sharp, the name Euphrates meaning good fruit, the Indo European Eu prefix added to Phirat for Euphrates. The Gihon Spring at the base of the point of the mountain ridge (near the juncture of the wadi valleys Kidron and Hinnom/Gehennom) upon which sits Jerusalem was named for the pre-Flood river Gihon, meaning burst forth, the drinking water supply for Jerusalem and before that city of Jebus (Canaanite) until king David conquered it, the “Spring Citadel,” a mighty fortification.