Range of Atlantis More Than Circular Island City of Poseidon Also Entailed Land to Italy Libya & West Beyond Gibraltar


Unless Plato thought that bronze age weaponry and navigation was ongoing 9,000 years before his time, Plato was indicating that Atlantis flourished in the 2000 b. c. timeframe when such were being practiced according to darwinists and creationists in agreement, thus Plato meant 9,000 horas (time periods) before his time, in this case months, the demise of the Atlantean empire (when the Ice Age ended) circa 1500 b. c. Plato called the city of Posidon an island and greater Atlantis an island too (nesos), but greater Atlantis portrayed as the peninsula definition (the peninsula of Western Europe), the circular city (submerged perhaps about thirty miles south of Cadiz) the island meaning of nesos.