Submerged City at Mouth of Canopic Nile Distributary Built by Mneseus Later Herakleion at Thonis After Ice Age Ended


Shortly after the Ice Age had ended, circa 1300 b. c., Hercules voyaged to Egypt where at the furthest west distributary of the Nile he killed the Egyptian king Busiris who wanted to sacrifice him, there built in remembrance a shrine to Hercules, and then the city Herakleion, where about two centuries later Thonis was the warden of that Canopic branch of the Nile when Paris of Troy and Helen sailed there, so the submerged ruins of a city nearby in Aboukir Bay are not Heraklion-Thonis rather Menouthis, named for Mneseus a brother of Atlas (grandsons of Canaan). Canopus was the navigator for Menelaus when he ventured there, the city of Canopus and that most western of the Nile distributaries named for him.