Abraham & Philistine Abimelech at Gerar Interacted Early Casluhim Occupation Followed by Kinsmen’s Invasion


When the Canaanites arrived after the Tower of Babel to settle in the land later promised to Abraham, the Casluhim (progeny of Misr) become known as the Philistines were settling there too, for instance at Gerar (Tell Haror) just a few miles to the east of where today is called the Gaza Strip, and probably at Haluza on the wadi Behasor. When the Ice Age was ending about 700 years later, whom the Egyptians (Misr) called the Peleset were among the invading Sea Peoples, the Peleset progeny of Casluhim who had sailed to the Adriatic during the Ice Age but returned bringing Mycenaean culture circa 1300 b. c.