Iberians of Ice Age Kura-Araxes Culture of Caucasus Ranges Cyclopean Wall Fortress City Shengavit at Yerevan


On a hilltop just below lake Yerevan (southeastern Armenia) along the flow of the Hrazdan river (which feeds the Kura river into the Araxes into the Caspian Sea) are the ruins of Shengavit, a planned city of about 1,000 stone and brick houses covering about 15 acres protected by a megalithic “cyclopean” wall reminiscent of the submerged megalithic structure off Anapa, Russia, in the Black Sea. Those of the Kura Araxes Culture practiced metallurgy and stored grain in large volumes, during the Ice Age when rain abounded, Hurrians, Iberians, and Pelasgians, progeny of Arphaxad (Arip-hurra), Heber, and Peleg.