Pelasgian Nethuns Built Thonis & Canaanite Mneseus Menouthis Ice Age Coastal Cities of Egypt Now in Aboukir Bay


Near the Ice Age mouth of the now extinct Canopic distributary (the furthest west) of the Nile river were built the cities Thonis and Menouthis, for Neftuns and Mneseus, the former a sea god of the Etruscans who were much Pelasgian proven by the Lemnos Stela, and the latter a son of Sidon (Posidon) and a brother of Atlas according to Plato. The Pelasgians worshipped their patriarch Pellazg (Peleg in Genesis 10) as their sea god, so perhaps the city name Neftuns (Thonis) was concession given to the Pelasgians for their participation in the building there at the mouth of the Ice Age Canopic distributary of the Nile, in lieu of calling it something like Sidonis, the father of Mneseus.