Manding of Western Africa Brought Libyco-Berber Script as Olmecs to Mayans Who Combined Signs for Their Glyphs


Sidon (Posidon), Atlas, and Maia sailed far to the west from Canaan before the Canaanites started using the Semitic alphabet learned from the Hebrews, of those Atlanteans, Maia (Maya) and/or some of her progeny then voyaged across the Atlantic to begin the Mayan tribes of Mesoamerica (atl meaning water in the Nahutal language), who went without a script for about 600 years until some of the Manding tribe came across the Atlantic from Western Africa when the Ice Age had just ended to become known as the Olmecs (meaning rubber people in the Nahuatl language) circa 1300 b. c., with the Libyco-Berber script, the symbols of which the Mayans combined to formulate their own system of glyphs.