Goths Juts Yuezhis & Getes Descendants of Gutians Probably of Magog Different Than Medes of Madai of Ice Age Zagros


Although the Gutians and progeny of Madai (a son of Japheth) lived in the Zagros mountains during the Ice Age, they were separate cultures, the tribe Madai (later known as the Medes) which didn’t trouble the Sumerian (Kushitic) and Akkadian (Assyrian) cultures in Mesopotamia, and brought what would become the Sanskrit language to the Indus Valley Civilization (Kushitic), while the Gutians were a thorn in the side for the Mesopotamians, the warrior/nomadic Gutians who later dispersed to become the Goths, Juts, Yuezhis, and Getes or Massagetae (Great Getae) often associated with the warrior/nomadic Scythians (progeny of Japheth’s grandson Ashkenaz), the Gutians who thereby were probably progeny of Japheth’s son Magog, wide ranging warrior nomads, Mongols and Mughals included.