Pelasgian Finger Measure 0.605 Modern Inch Used in Megalithic Constructions at Mycenae Alatri & Cusco in Andes


Twas the Pelasgians having voyaged up the Amazon river, eventually up its tributary the Urubamba river to the headwaters near Cusco in the Andes, who built the spectacular megalithic (cyclopean) walls of huge stones hewned in various polygonal shapes to fit together perfectly, like megalithic wall sections at Alatri in Italy (Herodotus wrote that the Pelasgians had lived in both Greece and Italy), and at Mycenae in Greece (plus the megalithic walls of the submerged ruins off Anapa, Russia in the Black Sea?), which utilized what Roberto Mortari calls the Pelasgian Finger, 0.605 modern inches or almost exactly 1/20th of an Olympic Foot (12.16 modern inches) thus the vigesimal number system of the Atlanteans in play.