Checkout Atlantis in Spain by Maria Elena Whishaw Who Correctly Saw Sierra Morena’s Source of Mineral Wealth


The Rio Tinto (tainted by metals) flows southwest into the Atlantic from the Sierra Morena mountains of southwestern Spain, the richest mining district of the ancient world, named the Hibera or Ibra river for Heber who was the father of Peleg patriarch of the Pelasgians, great Ice Age seafarers and megalithic builders having named that land now called Spain (Ezpanna) for Heber (Iberia). Thirty miles up the Rio Tinto as far as the high tide reaches are the ancient ruins of Ilipla (now called Niebla), the most ancient of cyclopean base structures and hormazo walls which were constructed by sandwiching very hard rocks mixed with dirt and lime between huge boards under tremendous pressure, those wall which over a thousand years later the Romans noted were the strongest anywhere. Ilipla was begun built probably when the Ice Age had ended because it just happens to be at the point farthest upstream where the high tide reaches that sea vessels came out with the mineral riches.