President Trump Should Challenge Wuhan Scare-Hoaxers to Provide Estimate of Total Infected to Prove Mortality Like Flu


Now that president Trump has been caught in a recorded February interview quoting an extremely wrong mortality rate for the wuhan (5.0%) which was being bandied about by such as one of the great deceivers Anthony Fauci, the president should challenge all the wuhan-scare-hoaxers to provide an estimate of how many Americans have been infected by the wuhan during the last 9 months so that the true mortality rate can be estimated. About 100,000 (padding corrected) Americans have died by the wuhan, so the DENOMINATOR which was the big buzzword in the spring should finally be estimated, if 100,000,000 Americans (more than that likely) then the mortality rate about the same of a by the flu, about 0.1% (1 of every 1,000 infected), 1/50th of what Fauci had told him.