Trump’s New Wuhan Consultant Dr Scott Atlas Wrote Great Op Ed on April 22nd for The Hill Calling-Out the Scare-Hoax


Dr Scott Atlas smelled the rat Fauci early in the wuhan pandemic, having written an op ed in The Hill on April 22nd saying that the elderly and chronically ill (diabetics, heart-diseased, etc.) should be protected from the wuhan while the rest should carryon with their lives essentially as usual, that protecting the elderly and chronically ill would prevent overloading of the hospitals (which it would have particularly in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and California), and that the shutdown would prolong the process to herd immunity, thusly now as president Trump’s new wuhan consultant, Dr Atlas will be moving policy in a healthy direction as herd immunity is soon upon us, 150.000.000 infected so far?