Iron Age Canopus or Thonis on Abu Kir Peninsula Built After Unnamed Cities & Menouthis Consumed by the Sea


There are three submerged sites of extensive ancient ruins in Abu Kir Bay about 20 miles to the east-northeast from Alexandria, so considering Thonis was an Egyptian regent in the timeframe of the Trojan War, and Canopus a Greek navigator in the same timeframe. two of the three submerged cities in Abu Kir Bay could not have been called Thonis and Canopus, but the third, Menouthis, which very well could have been named for Canaan’s grandson and brother of Atlas named Mneseas. The name Heracleion has been affixed to one of the sites of submerged ruins, and the city Canopus or Thonis was known as Heracleion, so considering Heracles lived about a century before the Trojan War (when the Ice Age had ended), the submerged site called Heracleion could have been its actual name only if named for Hercle (Herakles meaning glory of Hera) who became an Etruscan sea god, brought to Italy by the Pelasgians.