Peter Navarro Steamrolls MSDNC’s Seething Ali Velshi & Then Says He’s Missed Talking to Him Epic Thrashing


This afternoon on MSNBC, leftist wacko Ali Velshi interviewed Peter Navarro and is certainly regrettting it, as Navarro told him that the Chinese allowed tens of thousands of wuhan infected Chinese (and others) to fly internationally to and from the U. S. (and all over the world) in December and January while shutting down the domestic flights from Wuhan (thus the wuhan as a bioweapon), that Fauci was against the shutdown of travel from China to the U. S. on Jan. 31st, and that hydroxychloroquine works (see the recent study by the Henry Ford Health System), it would have save tens of thousands of American lives if such as Velshi had not lied about it, then Navarro ended the segment saying he’d missed talking to Velshi, wonder why? Velshi later admitted the wuhan was used as a bioweapon.