By Padding the Wuhan Death Toll the Self-Defeating TDS Sufferers Cause Illusion of More Americans Having Herd Immunity


The wuhan virus death toll is being padded by perhaps 20%, maybe much more actually (as the statisticians self-admittedly in large scale are counting deaths by other causes in the wuhan total), so considering the wuhan mortality rate is about 0.1% (commonly acknowledged now), when you multiply the 50,000 supposed wuhan deaths in the U. S. by 1,000 you get 50,000,000 Americans having been infected, in reality though that number probably closer to 40,000,000, a good start on herd immunity, yet if the padded wuhan death toll number would go up to 100,000, the number carrying wuhan virus antibody then would supposedly be one third of the U. S. population (100,000,000) while in reality the number carrying the antibody would be about a quarter of the U. S. population (80,000,000).