CDC’s Robert Redfield Ignores Wuhan’s Spread Says Next Winter Worse Situation Not Factoring Immunities by Antibody


Robert Redfield, head of the CDC, says U. S. hospitals will be more overloaded (yet most have not been overloaded) by virus sufferers next winter because more wuhan virus infections will coincide with the common flu infections, but Redfield has not determined an estimate of the herd immunity across the Country (by easily achieved random testing) thus not knowing at all what to expect. The common flu has killed about 50,000 Americans this flu season, of about 50,000,000 infected (even with vaccines), while the wuhan virus has killed about 30,000 Americans (after correcting for padded numbers), of perhaps 40,000,000 infected, the mortality rate of the wuhan about the same as by the common flu, about 0.1%.