Much Evidence of the PreFlood World in Sedimentary Rocks Thought to Be Hundreds of Millions of Years Old


Michael Cremo, a Hindu at the time (and still is?), wrote his masterful book Forbidden Archaeology in 1993 which caused big waves in the fields of archaeology and geology, chronicling many human-made artifacts such as mortars and pestles, arrowheads, a metal bell, and even jewelry discovered within sedimentary rocks thought to be hundreds of millions of years old, that therefore the Hindu notion that humans have been around for hundreds of millions of years is true. Yet those sedimentary layers were deposited during Noah’s Flood circa 2350 b. c. (see Page titled Natural Selection for Noah’s Flood), the sedimentary rock layers resulting from that, thus the artifacts were made by the people who lived from the time of Adam and Eve until the time of the Flood, after which began the Ice Age.