Trump Should Not Underestimate the Treachery Possible by the Supposedly Ex Never Trumper U. S. Senators


Think of all the Republican U. S. senators who would have loved it had Trump lost in the 2016 Republican primaries, or having won the presidency, had been impeached and then removed from office during the first two years of his term, so we wonder whether those Republicans in the Senate really would vote to acquit should the articles of impeachment land in their laps, particularly if a “new bombshell revelation ” would come forth during the Senate trial, thusly, president Trump should insist that Shifty Adam Schiff, Eric Ciaramella (the “whistleblower”), Marie Yovanovitch, and the Biden boys be called as witnesses if a trial is to be, considering too that the testimonies of those characters would more-than-likely be foretaste of the prosecutions against them to come, more Deep State shaming.