Seventh Day for Rest After Six for Creation Isn’t Ongoing for Day to Mean Indefinite Period of Time in Genesis Account


Many biblephobes (ostensibly Christian and other) say that because the seventh day for Elohim’s rest after the six days of creation is supposedly ongoing (the seventh day of rest), therefore, each day of the six days must also be of indefinite period, thus that the earth is much older than about six thousand years old (billions as the uniformitarians say), which though is an absurd notion considering that the seventh day for rest, supposedly ongoing, thereby has no specified length, and if that day is really billions of years as were supposedly the six days of creation, then the return of Jesus Christ must be a billion years in the future! Twenty-five hundred years after Holy Spirit through Adam wrote that in six days was the creation made, Moses by Spirit in Exodus 20: 8-11 wrote that the six day work week is patterned after the six days of creation, the seventh day of rest not an indefinite length of time!