All Students Should Be Taught Both Sides of Arguments for Instance Our Ancient Origins Whether Swamp Goo or Bible


For students to make informed decisions, they have to be informed, about such as the theories concerning our origin, how did it all begin, evolved from swamp goo or man created by Elohim? Darwinism is far from proven and in fact is a farce, but it should be presented along with biblical creationism for the students to examine the evidence, isn’t that fair as it should be in our halls of learning? Uniformitarianism (for darwinism) cannot explain the cause of the Ice Age, but the biblical model does, explaining too that the “species” of creatures are almost always inter fertile with their Genus kin, sometimes even up to the Family level on the darwinists’ phylogenetic tree, thus that only about 20,0000 syngameons of creatures need have been on Noah’s Ark, during that Flood which created most of the sedimentary geology (see Page at right Natural Selection by Noah’s Flood).