When Nile River Flowed Wider & Deeper the Site Later for Amarna Underwater Joseph’s Canal & Wadi Tumilat Flowed


Amarna the city of Akhenaten was built circa 1350 b. c. on a site along a bend in the Nile (about two hundred miles south of Giza) which only two centuries previously was underwater, when “Joseph’s Canal,” a distributary of the Nile, flowed into the endorheic Faiyum basin (lake Moeris), the Canopic distributary (branch) of the Nile in the delta flowed deep, as did the Pelusaic distributary which flowed so deep that the Wadi Tumilat, a distributary off the Pelusaic, flowed perennially, the route taken by the Israelites when they departed Egypt as the Ice Age was ending, when climate change gripped the earth.