Egypt’s Great Archaeological Secret the Submerged City in Aboukir Bay on Extinct Canopic Nile River Distributary


The ruins of a big ice age city called Menouthis, Heracleion, or Thonis, the remnants of temples, plazas, and housing structures, are submerged in Aboukir bay, twenty miles northeast of Alexandria and about four miles from shore off Canopus which was named for the greek Menelaus’ navigator circa 1100 b. c. When they landed there was no mention of the city four miles to the east, by then submerged for about three hundred years, since the end of the ending of the Ice Age. The establishment archaeologists treat these impressive submerged ruins as taboo, glazed stares, just as they do the other sites of submerged ruins worldwide clearly of bronze age vintage, because they prove the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b. c., now ask those archaeologists when and why they think that city is now in Aboukir bay.