Induce Higher Income People to Give to New Healthcare Fund by Tax Credits Then Challenge Rich Leftists to Give Bigly


Imagine Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and all the other superrich giving hefty portions of their prodigious annual incomes (up to 25% of annual income) to a national healthcare fund to “insure” those with preexisting conditions, in exchange tax credits which would be a huge incentive for the superrich to give big, and extend this tax credit offer to everybody’s charitable giving, which of course would evoke cries of foul from charities benefitting from merely tax deductions for donations to those charities, yet this new program would be appealing to the general public as an America First program, promoting and actually benefitting the general welfare. The fund money could be allocated to the state governments to be administered as each state sees fit, allowing each state to work on innovative programs.