Geography of Atlantis Plato Made Quite Clear Twas West of Italy & Egypt Coastal Empire Centered Near Gibraltar


The only thing which would render the Atlantis story mythological is that the Ice Age ended supposedly thousands of years before the bronze age described about Atlantis, its extent having been made clear by Plato, from Libya and Italy (Tyrrhenian sea) to Gibraltar (“the Pillars of Hercules”) and beyond, it was a coastal maritime empire of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, plain as day when you read Critias and Timaeus by Plato. If Atlantis really is mythological, then who was plying the waters of the western Med and eastern Atlantic during the bronze age circa 2000 b. c.? Many uniformitarians might say it was the Sidonians of Canaan who had ventured west, which is true, for Sidon was also known as Posidon, the Ice Age having ended really circa 1500 b. c. (see Page at right Mystery Atlantis Unmasked).