Concept of Reincarnation Begun Apparently by Seba or Shiva His Lingam the World Axis Mount Meru or Sumeru


Seba or Shiva, a son of Kush and brother of Nimrod, helped found the Indus Valley Civilization where reincarnation was (1,500 years later) proffered by Buddha who made the concept famous in a wider region, his name a derivative of bodhi meaning enlightenment and budh meaning to awaken, of the same etymology as the terms bud and body used by the Indo Europeans (japhetic) far to the west, helping to prove that Sanskrit (Indo Eurpoean) was the language of the Indus Valley Civilization, further proven by the name Kususthali of a city now submerged (in the gulf of Kutch), thali meaning sea power as in the Greek (Indo European) word thalassocracy.