Indus Civilization at Shortugai Northeast Afghanistan Takhar Province Named for Tocharians Progeny of Gomer


It can be said that the Cimmerians helped bring Indo European language to the ice age Indus Valley Civilization, the language adopted become known as Sanskrit, meaning bridge language, between the Hamitic people (progeny of Kush) of the Indus Valley Civilization and those who joined them, having come east too after the Tower of Babel. The Takhar province of northeastern Afghanistan was named for the Tocharians, progeny of Togarmah (a son of Japheth’s son Gomer), and there are the ancient ruins at Shortugai, said to have been the furthest north of the Indus Valley (Harappan) Civilization cities, where perhaps some of the Indo European language transfer was begun, early in the Ice Age.