Establishment Shill Leland Vittert Tries Twice to Trip-Up Black Republican John James Who’s Leading in Michigan


Leland Vittert of Fox News isn’t a racist but he certainly is a somewhat-cloaked establishment man, today having tried to trick black Republican candidate for U. S. Senate from Michigan, John James, into contradicting himself, first having asked James if he will stand-up to Trump about the new tariffs on imports which are hurting (some) manufacturers, and then whether James violated his West Point honor code in editing for a campaign ad statements of his primary opponent, Sandy Pensler. Of course the tariffs initiated by Trump are temporary which the people of Michigan understand and favor, in order to eventually negotiate a level international trade playing field, and what did Vittert want John James to do, play in his ad everything Pensler has said about Trump? John James is a fantastic candidate, the Democrats’ worst nightmare, so you folks in Michigan please get out to vote for him on Aug. 7th.