Roseanne Tells Hannity That She’d Never Be Stupid Enough to Publish That Valerie Jarrett Ostensibly Looks Like an Ape


On Hannity’s show last night, Roseanne Barr made the solid point of logic that no-one ever accused her of being a racist until her tweet about Valerie Jarrett being a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes, which Barr says was actually a political statement, innocent of racism, that Jarrett is an apologist for Islam who advocates global socialism (where Islam would not be resisted). Barr says she didn’t even know that Jarrett is (part) black, but now that she knows, she’s sorry that Jarrett thought she was referring to race, and wishes they would get together to talk-out the kerfuffle, which probably is the last thing Jarrett will want to do, yet the ball is now in her court.