Tower of Babel in Aztec Legend Called a Zacuali Like Assyrian Word Ziggurat in Mestizo Ixtlilxochitl Relaciones


A Mestizo named Ixtlilxochitl in the early 1500’s recorded the Aztec history dating back to the beginning of mankind, the ancient oral tradition saying there were 1,716 years from the first humans to the global flood, whereas the Word indicates 1,656 years, thus casting doubt on that the Spaniards taught them from the chronology in the Bible. The Aztec history states that after the global flood, one language was confused into many at a great zacuali, like the Assyrian word ziggurat from the word zaqaru (l sound similar to r) for high place, the Tower of Babel, and after the confusion of language, the ancestors of the Aztecs navigated about for 104 years until they landed in Mesoamerica, 520 years after the global flood.