Progeny of Noah’s Son Ham Built Most Great Ancient Post Flood Structures Some Submerged Since Ice Age Time of Moses


The magnificent pyramids of ice age Egypt, and the ziggurats of Sumer, as well the impressive cities of the Indus Vally Civilization, and such as Baalbek in the Levant (today’s Lebanon) were all built by the progeny of Ham, his sons Misraim, Kush, Canaan  (and Phut). When you consider the ziggurat structures of the Olmecs and Mayans in Meso-america, their origin as Kushites from west Africa becomes clear (showing language affinity of Manding to Olmec too), the Canaanites the Mayans from Atlantis as well. The Pelesgians were the only other really great ice age builders, they were Semites of Peleg who built the tremendous “cyclopean” structures of the eastern Mediterranean, some of them with those of the others submerged since the end of the Ice Age circa 1500 b. c.