Sirens of Cyrenaica & Sirenis That’s Punta del Faro Followed Ice Age Pelasgians & Tribe of Tarshish at Sicilian Strait


During the Ice Age, when the Sicilian Strait was narrower and was the only passage from the eastern Mediterranean to the western, megalithic structures were built on Malta (which was connected to Italy) such as at Tarxien, named perhaps for Japheth’s grandson Tarshish, and some submerged since the Ice Age ended for instance Gebel Gol Bahar, three miles from shore off Sliema. In the Sicilian Strait on the submerged Pantelleria Vecchia Bank, 130 feet down, was discovered a forty foot monolith clearly hewn by humans and apparently which had served as a lighthouse during the Ice Age, built probably by the Pelasgians (progeny of Heber’s son Peleg) with the Pelagie islands nearby in the Sicilian Strait. After the Ice Age, apparently the Sirens (perhaps Amazons) of Cyrenaica gained some control in Sicily too, there having encountered Odysseus at Sirenis, Punta Del Faro, the northeastern point of Sicily.