When Ice Age Ended Canaanites of Mediterranean North Africa Moved Inland to Found Garama for Foggara Irrigation


During the Ice Age, some Atlanteans (Canaanites) lived along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa as far east as Libya (and the Tyrrhenian sea) wrote Plato telling about Atlantis, and some of them moved inland to found Garama (southwestern Libya) when the Ice Age had ended, to build there the foggara artesian flow canals from wells dug into the water table at the bases of nearby low hills, truly amazing engineering feats.  One hundred miles to the west (southeastern Algeria) is a well of Garama (Bir el-Garama) dug into the wadi Ti-n-Tarabine which during the Ice Age had flowed into what then was the river Tafanasset south five hundred miles into the apex of the big bend of the Niger river at Gao.