Lost City of Ubar or Iram of the Pillars in Oman the Kingdom of Ad Discovered by NASA Photos Showing Ancient Stream


Nicolas Clapp in the early 1990’s was in search of the Lost City of Ubar, the ruins of which were said by the Arabs to be somewhere in the Rub al Kali desert (the Empty Quarter), and this was confirmed by Clapp seeing on a map by Claudius Ptolemy the Omanum Emporium, of the interior of where today is southwestern Oman, near Shasar. The satellite photo showed the ancient stream-bed now a wadi with ancient caravan trails beneath the sand, the trails converging upon the site of the city near the wadi. Ubar could be for Heber and “Iram of the Pillars could be named for Aram, some of whose progeny undoubtedly did intermarry with progeny of Heber. The kingdom there was known as Ad, perhaps named for a reputed son of Heber named Hud in Arab tradition.