Pathway of Kushites After Babel Kish to Phacusa Pa Kus Above Wadi Tumilat South to Kus Berber at Wadi Hammamat


Kush took some of his people southwest from Kish near the Tower of Babel (Borsippa) in Mesopotamia across and down to found Pa Kus (Phacusa) on the ice age (now dried up) Pelusiac distributary of the Nile where flowed eastward the Wadi Tumilat to outlet into the Red Sea, during the Ice Age, and south from there, up the Nile, the Kushites founded Kus Berber, where the Wadi Hammamat, a river during the Ice Age, joined the Nile near Coptos or Gebtos, named for Kush’s father Geb or Ham.