Bible’s Table of Nations Lays Out Regional Names in Ancient World Impossible to Have Known in Moses’ Day or Later


Ostensibly sun-stroked iron age shepherds (opined by some biblephobes) in Israel could not have put together the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) based upon information they would have had at the time, for instance having equated Kush (Sudan and Ethiopia), Misraim (Misr or Egypt), and Canaan (Levant) as sons of Ham (Khem or Egypt), and Asshur (Assyria) with Elam and Arphaxad (Arpachiya) as sons of Shem (Al Sham), nor Javan (Ionian), Gomer (Cimmerians), and Madai (Medes) as sons of Japheth (Prajapati).