Cretan Labyrinth Like Journey Through Underworld of Eleusinian Mysteries Kore Mother of Spring Through Corridors


The Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece and the Labyrinth at Knossos of Crete both began circa 1700 b. c., apparently when the concept of the seasons of the agricultural year came to be viewed symbolic of eternal rebirths of life, which ostensibly would happen for the ancients by engaging the ritual of the Labyrinth or the Elesusinian Mysteries, when at the end a seed was cut and a bull sacrificed symbolizing death and rebirth. Kore was the goddess of annual rebirth who had been kidnapped and raped by Hades (really Gades the twin brother of Atlas) of the underworld (where the sun sets), the journey through the underworld through the labyrinth, Kore of the same etymology as corridor.