Greek Word Khronos Means Segment of Time Season Lifetime Wiki Says Origin Unknown But It’s Cronus of Chronology


Kornus was the original name of the greek god Cronus, the time man, his name from the greek word ker for cut and nus, who apparently was Noah, castrated (cut) by Cronus in the greek mythology, but only seen naked (perhaps symbolic of some dastardly deed) in the biblical account, Noah seen naked by his son Ham. In classical greek art Cronus was depicted turing a wheel of the zodiac, 12 houses, as there were 12 gods in the greek pantheon, Ham (Cronus) the god not only of the agricultural cycle but too of precession mapping for geometry (meaning earth measure), like his grandson Sidon (Posidon) and his great grandson Atlas, the father of Sidon who was Canaan left out.