Uniformitarians Say to Debate Young Earth Creationists is Beneath Them Really It’s Fear That They Can’t Solve Mysteries


Have you noticed that there are no public debates between uniformitarians (darwinists) and young earth creationists, debates which though surely would be very popular viewing on TV? Wouldn’t you think that the uniformitarians would want to squash the “crazy Bible thumpers” once and for all? The biblephobes say that debating young earth creationists is intellectually beneath them, but considering belief in real Genesis is ostensibly harmful to society, you’d think they’d debate as their public service! Instead they avoid open debate for fear that the mysteries which they haven’t been able to solve will be widely disseminated, solved by young earth creationism, the mysteries about the cause of the Ice Age, Atlantis, the submerged ruins, the Great Pyramid for Navigation, the inter fertility of species (within syngameons), organic tissue in dino fossils, and much more.