Post Flood Repopulation of Earth Big Families Global Navigation During Ice Age When Lifespans Gradually Decreased


It seems Elohim chose for only some of the sons of the men or tribes (such as Misraim the progeny of Misor/Msr), listed in the Table of Nations, for instance Tubal a son of Japheth listed but with none of his progeny noted, so assuming many in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) had progeny not recorded, by the fifth for sixth generation (around the time of the Tower of Babel language confusion) there were at least tens of thousands of people, millions by the time the Canaanites (Sidonians/Atlanteans) were navigating all over the world. Of course considering the great although declined longevity of humanity during the centuries of the Ice Age which followed Noah’s Flood, couples could have born dozens of children, the world repopulated quite quickly.