Black Sea Infilled by Ocean Within About Two Decades When End of Ice Age Rise Had Gone Up Valley Then Poured In


Russians know of an ancient legend that the Black Sea was infilled by the ocean, the flood of Dardan, who was Dardanus to the Greeks, the Dardanelles named for him, who lived about ten generations before the Trojan War and was mentioned by Plato to have lived in the timeframe that Atlantis and much of Greece were consumed by the sea, the end of the Ice Age. Most of the sea level’s rise (during about a hundred years) did not affect the huge lake where now is the Black Sea, until it had risen all the way up the river (Dardenelles)-lake (Marmaras)-river (Bosporus) system to then pour into the huge ice age freshwater lake, expanding its area by a third, the weight of which caused the flat-iron slab faulting along more precipitous parts of the Black Sea’s shoreline.