Public Schools Teach Bible as Book of Poetry & History Which by Evidential Logic Can Be Taken Back to Flood & Before


By federal law the Bible cannot be rejected as a source of great poetic literature and ancient history in the public schools, so you students who may want to grasp this opportunity can tell your teacher and classmates that history back to kings David and Solomon is proven, and that the climate change in the timeframe of the Exodus was the end of the Ice Age which by basic hydrologic must have been caused by the ocean warmer, in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood circa 2350 b. c. That the earth dried out in the middle latitudes circa 1500 b. c. to 1200 b. c. is well known in even the camps of the uniformitarians, that timeframe of “the bronze age collapse,” actually the end of the Ice Age proven by the dozens of sites of submerged stone ruins in many parts of the world built during the Ice Age when the tribes in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) were spreading about the earth.